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Sculpted Outdoor Services

Sculpted Outdoor Services


About Us

Welcome to Sculpted Outdoor Services, where we're not just about landscapes – we're in the business of crafting outdoor perfection. Whether you call it home or it's your commercial kingdom, we've got the expertise to make your space truly stand out.

At Sculpted Outdoors, our passion lies in the art of landscape design, paired with top-notch lawn maintenance for both residential and commercial spaces. But wait, there's more! We're not just stopping at the surface – we're diving deep to ensure your green oasis thrives.

Picture this: lush lawns, stunning gardens, and intricately designed landscapes. And guess what? We're the sprinkler system wizards too! From assessments to repairs, we've got the expertise to keep your green kingdom hydrated and thriving.

Whether you're a homeowner dreaming of the perfect backyard or a business owner aiming to impress clients with a pristine exterior, Sculpted Outdoors is here to turn your vision into reality. We're not just landscaping; we're creating outdoor experiences.

Let's make your space the talk of the town – residential or commercial, we've got the green thumb and the tools to make it happen. Get in touch with Sculpted Outdoors, where landscapes meet perfection. ???? #GreenMagicMakers #LandscapePros


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Rep/Contact Info

Becky Sipperley
Marketing Executive
Hunter Sipperley
Account Manager

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