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We provide business expense reduction analysis in 3 cost areas, telecoms, small package shipping and credit card processing. We only charge fees if we find savings, otherwise it's free. Our analysis is on-going reporting back to our clients every three months making sure they are never paying too much and paying for the right service. We are completely objective we do not represent any of the providers in the 3 areas we provide analysis for, we represent our clients interests 100% not that of the service providers. Schooley Mitchell is North America's largest independent cost reduction company, over 18,000 clients, been in business since 1980. We deliver 4 currencies for our clients, it takes TIME to analyze and stay on top of the confusing and changing markets on a continual basis. We save our clients MONEY or we do not charge for our services. We deliver SECURITY as our clients know they are never paying too much and know they are paying for the right service. We bring KNOWLEDGE that comes from our experience of working with over 18,000 clients since 1980, we have over 300 of us across North America doing what we do every single day.


  • Do you have a continual audit process to go back through your invoices and contracts to identify recoverable billing e
  • Do you have software tools that keep up to date with all market changes and pricing opportunities as they arise?
  • Do you have any independent resources to help manage your telecom/credit card processing services or shipping costs ot
  • How much do you budget to stay on top of all telecom/credit card services or shipping costs on a monthly basis?
  • Do you reconcile all transactions on each of your invoices each month to identify overcharges or price creep?

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William McKissock
Business Expense Reduction Specialist