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QuickHit was created for the busy professionals working 40+ hours every week, for the stay at home moms and dads, for the single parents, for the old and the young. We completely understand how busy life is and it is unfortunate that when we get busy, we neglect ourselves. Many of us are taking care of others, providing for others, and we forget that we need to take care of ourselves also. We’ve made working out more efficient because you deserve it. You deserve to live your best and healthiest life and at QuickHIT we strive to help you reach your full potential.
QuickHIT uses a patented robotically controlled strength training machine to deliver the safest, most effective full body 20-minute workout possible. That’s right only 20 minutes of your day and the best part is, that you only need to do this work out 1,2 or 3 times per week Our
machine pushes your muscles to momentary muscular failure which is the exercise intensity must reach for your body to stimulate adaptive change.Even many people that go to a gym do not reach momentary muscular failure because they stop too early, even though they had more in the tank and their time is wasted We also provide nutrition help, accountability and online access to private support group and free at home workouts. All this and it’s done in a safe and sanitary facility Only you and the trainer at any given time! Our clients see results in a short time and we have the data to back that. Let us help YOU reach your fitness and wellness goals today! Quickhitfit.com

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  • Gain Lean Mass/Decrease Fat
  • Only 20 Minutes, 1-3 X per week
  • Increase Strength & Bone Density
  • Private - Trainer/Client Only Facility
  • Sanitized after each client


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Lisa Dallas
Managing Partner
Frank Ochoa
Operating Partner